Rise of the Runelords

Session 3

Aria's Journal

Holy crap, this morning has been hectic! As you know Aldern Foxglove was planning on giving us each a horse to go boar hunting. Well, as we were on our way to do that, Sheriff Baylor Hemlock came racing up to us with a message from Father Zantus asking for our help. 

Aldern kindly postponed the boar hunt and we followed the Sheriff back to the chapel to meet with Father Zantus. He looked concerned as he told us that the tomb of Father Tobyn had been dug up. The Sheriff stated that all his men were busy and it would be great if we would do the honour of investigating the graveyard and kill any lingering goblins. We accepted the mission. 

We made our way to the graveyard and quickly found out that the tomb had been churned up with goblin footprints and a few human sized footprints. Under further investigation we discovered that the tracks lead into the tomb and back out again. 

Kaylessa used detect magic into the tomb and a robe on the floor faintly glowed. We found that while three of the coffins remained intact the fourth coffin was desecrated. As we were about to look further, four skeletons appeared, surprising us. 

We went into battle, finding that only bludgeoning attacks would harm them. Urmdar used smite evil on the fourth skeleton which increased the likelihood of him harming that particular skeleton. 

Soon they were all dead. I was exhausted and felt like if I didn’t get a healing potion into me soon I would pass out. Rogen had one that he was willing to give me. However Urmdar was dismissive of my need for a healing potion and insisted that we needed that potion for future use. He said he would protect me until we reached town again. I grumbled at him, but agreed.  

As we stood in the tomb, Quinnlyn identified the robe as a Robe of Bones. She explained that the robe normally had patches which when pulled off would spawn creatures for the wearer. The patches were all missing. 

We saw that Father Tobyn’s body was clearly missing from his coffin and as we exited the tomb, Jayde checked the lock and discovered that the lock had been picked. We concluded that this was not an inside job. 

We went back to the church and told the sheriff what had gone down. We then went on to ask him and Father Zantus questions about Father Tobyn. They told us that Father Tobyn had a foster daughter called Nualia who’d fallen pregnant. She was presumed to have burnt in the fire, but no body was found. 

They had no more information they could provide to us, so we decided to find someone else who could hopefully provide more information and piece some of the information together for us. 

So yeah, that’s how my morning went. I hope I have time to go to the local tavern, maybe someone there will have some information for me about my unicorn. 

Anyway, that’s all for now.




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