Rise of the Runelords

Session 5

Summarised Entry 1

The party followed the goblin after it had walked enough out of sight for us to follow undetected.

After journeying for several hours, we discovered a goblin encampment. While scouting the camp Jayde saw the goblin that they had communicated with earlier enter the camp and the chieftain started yelling about how the goblin betrayed them.

The goblin tried to run but was shot in the back with an arrow. After Jayde told the party what just happened, they noticed a group of goblins coming to get the body. When they were at the body, they saw the majority of the party hiding in the bushes with only Jayde going unnoticed.

A fight ensued and after a long battle, all but one of the goblins were defeated.  We captured the goblin and trekked back to down. Every few hours the goblin would wake up and cop a blow from Rogen to knock him out.

After getting back into town late at night, we turned in the goblin to the town guards who promised to let us know if they obtained any information from the goblin, we went and rested and awoke on a brand new day.



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