Rise of the Runelords

Session Two

The nobleman

We heard a high pitched scream from the North. We sent Father Zantus and Kaylessa to the church while the rest of us raced north. We came to a clearing and saw a large goblin, larger than all the others. It was riding a Goblin Dog. Obviously an ironic name as goblins hate dogs. He was wearing beefy armour and wielding a very large weapon. Finally! Fighting goblins is fine but I wanted a challenge and this creature may just do that. There was a group of regular goblins watching him. Behind some crates was a man dressed in noble clothing. The high pitched scream had come from him. I didn’t even know men could make a sound like that. Pathetic really, cowering behind the crates. He wasn't even trying to defend himself, the coward. There appeared to be a dog guarding him. At least he was doing something. The Goblin commander struck the dog and it hit the ground, lifeless. The rest of the goblins began to cheer and headed towards the coward. We snuck up on the goblins and Quinnlyn got a surprise shot in on the goblin commander. Quinnlyn managed to take down the goblin commander with a few of her spells but then got into some serious trouble with the goblin dog. Instead of getting into the middle of the fight and enjoying myself, I ended up having to save her from it. Sure, elves are great with their spells but if you ask me they don’t belong in battle. She would have been dead if it weren’t for me. She may be more trouble than she’s worth. I could’ve taken down the goblin commander myself and still kept battling. 

Once all the goblins had been obliterated the nobleman rushed over to thank us all. He seemed particularly interested in Quinnlyn, dribbling some rubbish about elves being superior. What utter rubbish! I had to save her ass. I did all the work! Sure she took down the commander but with cheap magic shots. Barely even counts. Anyway, the nobleman introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove from Magnimar and he promised to shower us with gifts, although I think that was for Quinnlyn’s benefit. We looted the bodies and found a masterwork horse chopper which we decided Urmdar should keep, and a potion of cure moderate wounds, which I took after a disagreement with Jayde. The sounds of battle had stopped and most of the goblins that had been raiding the town had either jumped to their deaths or had fled. A few were captured and interrogated, however they were completely useless if you ask me. They knew they had been sent by a longshank (human) but did not know any names or why. Some of the town guards overheard some of the goblins saying the human wanted to get to the graveyard but, other than that, we know very little. The night festivities were cancelled but we were thanked by the townspeople. They all wanted to shake my hand or pat me on the back….I broke free from the crowds as soon as I could. 

A woman approached us and introduced herself as Ameiko Kaijitsu. She was the innkeeper at the Rusty Dragon Inn and offered us free accommodation, then left to prepare the evening meal and our rooms. We followed her to the Inn and walked in. Some of the townspeople looked up and appeared to be considering whether to come over and thank us again, but I saw Aldern over in the corner waving and inviting us over for food. I can’t say I think much of him but it was better than being flocked by crowds again. So I made my way over to him and the group followed. Aldern gave us each 10gp and insisted on paying for all our food. He also insisted Quinnlyn sit next to him. To Quinnlyn’s credit, despite Aldern's flirting and throwing money and himself at her all night, she didn’t seem the least bit interested. She even interrupted his flirting to thank me for saving her life. Maybe she’s not so bad after all. As the night was winding down, Aldern proposed a boar hunt with a feast at the end on whatever boar we killed. He wanted to head off to the Tickwood Forest in the morning. I can’t imagine this coward of a man hunting much of anything and I have my reservations as to how helpful he will be, but he offered to buy us a horse each for the travel so I wasn’t going to turn him down. The night finally ended after many drinks and we went to our room for 8 hours sleep, well most of us anyway. Quinnlyn just sat in the corner, still and quiet. Some crap about meditating instead of sleep. What is with this chick? To good for sleep? So bloody pretentious.

In the morning we headed to the church to have Father Zantus heal Quinnlyn. Then Aldern took us to get our horses, ready for the boar hunt ahead…

- Rogen



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